Fullbelly Weekend

EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY - From 5.30pm till 10.00pm
(Last orders at 10pm and kitchen closes at 11pm. Excluding all Chester Race Days)

Experience the most exciting and unique way of enjoying an Oriental banquet. You are now be able to choose and combine your own set of banquet with as much foods as you can Eat from a selection of over 80 items of exotic flavours and cooking style from the Far East most authentic cuisine without queuing for meals. We appreciate if you do not over order to avoid food wastage.

Foods order from this Banquet are not for takeaway and cannot be shared by any one else who does not pay for this Banquet.

All items not listed will be charged extra according to the main menu prices. We thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

Please allow reasonable time for cooking because all meals are cooked fresh to your order, thank you.

This Banquet is not available for people who has common food allergy.

The management reserved the rights to cancel more order if the food on the previous order was not consume or too much food wastage.

£21.00 | per adult (min 2 adults)*
£15.00 | per child (under 15 years / max 1 child per adult)*

Please click on the sections below for more information...

  • Soups

    Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup

    (vegetarian option available)

    Beijing Hot & Sour Soup

    (vegetarian option available)

    Tom Yum Chicken Soup

    (vegetarian option available)

    Mixed Vegetables Soup

    (vegetarian option available)

  • Starters

    Please select a maximum of 6 items at a time per table for your combo platter.
    (This is to ensure the quality and freshness of the food and your enjoyment while it’s still hot in good time)

    Spare Ribs

    Chicken Wings

    Served with Honey & Chilli/Curry Sauce/Kimdo Sauce/OK Sauce/Salt & Pepper/Sweet & Sour

    Salt & Pepper Fish Fillet

    Shredded Duck Roll

    Spring Roll

    Malaysian Fire Cracker (Crispy parcel with prawn meat & fresh chillies)

    Malaysian Curry Chicken Samosa

    Sesame Prawn meat on Toast

    Thai Spicy Chicken Strips

    Crispy Battered Prawn

    Malaysian Spicy Satay (nut) Chicken Skewers

    China Black Bean and Chilli Chicken Skewers

    Crispy Wonton with Pork and Prawns

    Vietnamese Spicy Meat Balls

    Vegetables Spring Rolls (v)

    Vegetables Curry Samosa (v)

    Thai Battered Mushrooms (v)

    Crispy Vegetables Wanton Parcel (v)

    Salt & Pepper Beancurd (v)

    Deep Fried Crispy Aromatic Duck
    Served with pancakes, leek, cucumber and hoi sin sauc

  • Main Courses

    Please select one main meal per person at a time…

    Sweet and Sour Pork

    Chicken & Cashew nuts

    Battered Chicken

    Served with Sweet & Sour/Lemon & Honey/Honey & Chilli/Sweet & Sour Chilli/Salt & Pepper/Thai Red Curry
    Battered Fish Fillet

    Served with Sweet & Sour/Lemon & Honey/Honey & Chilli/Sweet & Sour Chilli/Thai Red Curry
    Battered Prawns

    Served with Sweet & Sour/Lemon & Honey/Honey & Chilli/Sweet & Sour Chilli/Salt & Pepper/Thai Red Curry

    Choose from Chicken, Beef, King Prawns or CharSiu Pork for the following dishes…

    Thai Red Curry Chicken

    Singapore Laksa Curry

    This Green Curry

    Black Bean with Garlic, Onions & Fresh Chillies

    Malaysian Spicy Satay (nut) Sauce

    Mixed Vegetables

    Spring Onion & Ginger

    China Spicy Sichuan Sauce

    Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce

    Yellow Bean Sauce with chillies

    Cantonese Sauce with Onions

    Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce with Pineapple

    Bali Honey & Chilli with Fresh Chillies

    Kungbao with Dried Chillies

    Other Dishes…

    Phad Thai Beef Noodles Topped with Peanuts & chillies
    Black Bean Beef Noodles with Fresh Chillies
    Chicken & Vegetables Fried Noodles
    Charsiu Pork & Vegetables Fried Noodles
    Singapore Vermicelli (spicy with sesame seeds)
    Malaysian Mee Goreng with Chicken & Prawns (Spicy)

    Mixed Vegetables (v)

    Bean Curd (v)

    Assorted Mushrooms (v)

    Served with Black Bean with Fresh Chillies & Garlic/Laksa Curry Sauce/Sweet & Sour Sauce/Satay (nut) Sauce.

    Accompanied with…

    Fried Rice

    Boiled Rice

    Stir Fried Noodles with Bean Sprouts

  • Dessert

    Banana fritters with Ice cream at the end of the Banquet

  • * Terms

    All meals are freshly cooked to order with waiter service. We would appreciate you not over ordering to avoid waste. Food ordered for this Banquet can not be consumed by or shared with anyone who has not paid for this Banquet. We thank you for your co-operation in avoiding any unnecessary embarrassment. The management reserves the rights to cancel any order if the food on the previous order was not consumed or too much food wastage. The management reserves the right to cancel any of these offers without any notice.